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Wirelessly hand glove operated robot

MAKERS: Gaurav

Wirelessly hand glove operated robot is basically a robot with an arm. This robot is operated by wearing a hand glove. Hand glove consist of sensors for gesture recognition. Project consist of two input and output sections. Input section from which we give input and output section is robot which performs actions accordingly. input section: Input section consists a glove on which a Arduino board, Blutooth module, a accelerometer, three flex sensors, 9 volt battery and resistances are fitted. Arduino is well programmed by arduino software. Flex sensors are a type of sensors which generates a signal with bending of fingers. Accelerometer works with change of gravity xyz coordinates. output section: Output section consists a ARDUINO microcontroller, a cart in which two wheels with two motors, a video camera, a robotic arm and a 12 volt battery and Bluetooth module. Microcontroller is well programmed by arduino software. WORKING: As flex sensors and accelerometer generates input signal then it goes to the output section via MATLAB by the help of Bluetooth connection. MATLAB is the common interface between input and output section. 9 volt battery gives 9 volt DC power supply to input section. Arduino reads all the action of input section and command all devices present in input section. When the output section receives the input signal by Bluetooth module then arduino microcontroller executes its installed program and command all output parts to work accordingly with the input command. As result the motors can move clock wise direction or in anticlockwise. The arm can move in clock wise or anticlockwise or up or down directions. A 12 volt battery provides DC power supply to output section. Serving the Underserved and Society This Robot can be well applied in following area in society. 1 Physically handicapped people can manage their work through their hand movements. 2 It can be implemented in chemical industries and coal mines where human life is in danger. 3 It can be applied in defense to load bombs under emergency /war situation . 4 It can be used in CBI to gathers images silently. FUTURE SCOPE: 1) GPS system can be added to the robot by the help of which its location can be tracked. 2) Bluetooth wireless control can be replaced by radio frequency wave by which its range can be enhanced. 3)This robot can be upgraded to detect human life in earthquake and landslide rubbled people?s by implementing the sensor accordingly. 4)It can also be upgraded to bomb detecting robot as it has robotic arm it can also lift the bomb.

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