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Stress Meter Country- India Team Members- Anmol Goyal Ashish Sharma Ankush Verma Lokesh Yadav Present Scenario- In India, many people die not because of lack of facilities but because of lack of knowledge among the people. This is such a device which is used to diagnose the deadly disease known as stress by simple physics principle thus help in realize people their disease. It is very cheap, economical and run on a 9 volt battery. Stress meter is a device which used to measure stress of the body depending upon the current flow through our body. Our body resistance level varies with stress of our body and mind. A highly stressed body results in increase of blood flow through our body mechanism which result in increase in ion concentration in our body and thus allow more current to flow across our body. While a stress free human being has very resistance due to less blood flow and thus result in less ion concentration all our body. Our project simply follows the principle of ohm?s law and current flows through led help in determining the stress by glowing different LEDs. Project consists of five LEDs of three different colors and a piezo-buzzer. Different LEDs used to denote different stress level. The green ( first two) shows normal level, blue(third one)shows a little higher than normal and last two red LEDs show high stress level and if current flows is greater than the allowing limit then piezo=-buzzer goes off and thus sounds a alarm. If implemented properly this device can be used to fight disease stress and with further improvements can be used to find another counterpart diseases like depression and another nervous related syndromes.

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