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Simplest, Cheapest and Most Efficient Electronic System for preventing Accidents at Metro Station


Purpose: To secure life of people travelling in Metro. Case Study: There are many cases in Delhi Metro that people fall on the track of Metro either accidently or intentionally (suicides). Step Already Taken: There are sensors already present on the metro. If anything comes before the metro. The metro automatically stops. But this system is not as much effective as seen practically because it can be seen that such cases still happens in the presence of this system. Our Approach: Our project includes gates at the platform of the metro station that isolate people from the tracks till the metro arrives hence securing life threats. Our work executes in the following steps: 1. The metro is arriving at the station. At this gates at the platform are closed. 2. When the metro enters the station, the gates starts to open slowly till the metro stops. The opening time of gate is same as the time taken by the metro from the instant it enters the station to the instant it stops. 3. Now the gates at platform are open and now the gates of metro will open as usual and people will enter the metro. 4. As the metro starts to depart from the station, the gates will quickly close. In this way, we are simply preventing the accidents at metro station In the image shown, I have made prototype of the project.

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