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Wireless Sensing Network For Automation and Acquistion of Soil Parameters

MAKERS: Yash , Kunal COUNTRY: India

Custom cheap sensors network(mesh) for measuring soil parameters(agriculture, mining) and setting up a portal where all stakeholders can 'meet' and discuss problems. Will also help in automation for irrigation.

The Purpose

Currently,agriculture is left out of technological advent. We propose a sensor mesh connected to a portal where various parameters of soil can be viewed and analysed and decision can be made based on the analysis.Portal will also have experts from industry and government and other stakeholders helping the farmer take decision, thus improving the accessibility of the 'important stakeholders 'to farmers.Demands from customers can also be directly automated to the farmers(agriculture-on-demand). Also, depending on the analysis of soil parameters,irrigation process can be automated. Warning regarding excess Fertilizer use can be displayed. Intrusion by unwanted entities can be reported.

The Technology

1)Custom cheap sensors for data acqusition- We use simple opamp comparators for humidity sensing. Research on (Cheap) Urea Sensors is under progress. Till then, commercial urea sensors are being used. 2)For communication between nodes and the supernode and the portal, we use Atmel Atmega MIcrocontroller. 3)We also introduce redudancy in our system. In case of node failure, another backup node joins the mesh and takes up the responsibility. We use 'Sensor Network and Meshes' concepts here, 4)For portal, basic web development (HTML, Javascript and CSS for the front end) and PhP for the backend is being used.

Additional Details

-->Business Model- Customers can place order directly on the portal(Similar on on-demand service). -->Cheap sensors resulting in cheap sensing systems -->Availability of information on mobile phone, computer, etc. -->Control irrigation from home -->Input from experts in the field -->Reach to the Government made easy -->Redudancy in case of node failure

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