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Power pad

MAKERS: Sravan kumar , Pranav , Akhil COUNTRY: India

During catastrophe no electricity means no communication . As communication is very important we need to keep our mobiles working . This device charges mobiles through mechanical energy.

The Purpose

We need to communicate with our dears and in order to get help and supplies during an disaster . As there is no electricity running our mobiles is impossible for more than two days . This devise called power pad recharges out mobiles based on our tap on it . So we can keep our communication going even though there is no electricity available for charging .

The Technology

The technology used in this is the piezoelectric transducers . These convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy and is stored in rechargeable batteries. We can just connect our device and tap device it charges the movies etc.

Additional Details

*can be used when there is no socket available to charge our mobiles. *power black out.

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