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Smartphone operated electrical switch box

MAKERS: vishwadeep COUNTRY: India

The SwitchBox is a Remote Control for any electrical appliance. It can be used to turn On/Off devices via Smartphone using Bluetooth App. Cheapest way

The Purpose

Now I don't know about you, but to me it seems an awful lot of effort to get up and flick a switch on an appliance. Let's say a lamp. Wouldn't it be marvellous, I ask myself, if I could just speak to my phone......YES IT WOULD. So in this 'project' I will attempt to show how to connect an Arduino to your android phone via Bluetooth to control high voltage devices using relays.

The Technology

It comes with an application ?SmartHome? This application controls the various appliances connected to your Arduino and relays. When the toggle buttons on the application are pressed, corresponding Bluetooth signals are sent from your android phone to the Bluetooth module you have hooked up to your Arduino. The Arduino finds out which signal was sent and compares it to the predefined signals assigned for each appliance. When it identifies that signal, then the Arduino activates the relay hooked up to its digital pin by passing 5V through it. Thus the relay

Additional Details

i is very helpful for physically chalanged people and old aged people

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