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Walking as a means of Biometric Authentication

MAKERS: Anisha , Satyajeet , Manaswini , Asutosh COUNTRY: India

Since traditional biometric systems are intrusive, we propose gait as a means of biometric authentication. Gait is unintrusive and we did this with the help of Microsoft Kinect.


The Purpose

We have to deal with a lot of data nowadays. Traditional biometric systems such as fingerprint, iris, DNA etc, involve knowledge and co-operation of the subject which is a drawback. There is a need to explore more reliable and unintrusive biometric systems to overcome the above disadvantage.

The Technology

We propose gait recognition to address the above problem. Image recognition coupled with machine learning and data mining will be implemented with Microsoft Kinect. Kinect, a peripheral with XBOX 360 will record images and video frames which will be processed with the help of RapidMiner and WEKA data mining tools to classify among subjects using different classifiers to get considerable accuracy.

Additional Details

1. Needs no knowledge or cooperation of subjects 2. Low- resolution images and video frames can also be processed 3. Not affected by temperature and video just as fingerprint recognition 4. It does not pose threat to security like DNA 5. Subjects need not go very close to the device like iris recognition

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