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ClassV.A.R.E - Classroom Virtual and Augmented Reality Experience

MAKERS: Punya , Samraj COUNTRY: India

Helping user of any age group to make the user learn better and faster and also allow them to experiment and explore the wonders of many fields like chemical laboratory.


The Purpose

Education has always been synonymous with success and plays a very important role in all our lives. It drives a person to achieve greatness people only dream of. Today, every technology is advancing in the field of education and proposes to make a better future. Traditional methods of education and knowledge are beginning to diminish as new ways emerge to make it more interesting, enjoyable and efficient. Through the project Classrooms Virtual & Augmented Reality Experience (ClassV.A.R.E), I present a robust and technologically advanced solution to enhance the education of today.

The Technology

Various means have been used to drive the core of the project ClassV.A.R.E like 1. Virtual Reality 2. Augmented Reality (Mixed Reality) 3. 3D Environment and Procedural Generation 4. Guesture Recognition and User Interactions 5. Image Object Tracking 6. Networking Solutions to peer-to-peer interactions My aim is to target a larger user-base so that everyone gets to be a part of it and can experience the new upcoming technologies. As a developer, I try to use the open-source freeware softwares so that anyone can contribute to the project and upgrade the powerful system. 1. Unreal Engine 2. Blender3D 3. Artoolkit 4. Adobe Photoshop Express or similar Further, 1. LeapMotion 2. Xbox Kinect 3. VR Headset

Additional Details

Virtual Laboratories - This is the most important, advanced and game-changing aspect of this project. The aim of the virtual labs is to create a replica of the scientific laboratories. Not only will it help to make the user learn better and faster, but it will also allow users to experiment and explore the wonders of many fields like chemical lab, machanical workshops, or even demonstrate the working of a nuclear plant. Any user of any age group can have access to any apparatus, instruments or chemicals so that they can learn thier use and properties without having any fear.

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