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Route Narrator For Disabled

MAKERS: Arushi , Yatin , Rishabh Singh COUNTRY: India

In our project we aim to solve day to day problem that disabled people face.We develop a belt which will help these people to travel safely and autonomously.


The Purpose

Around 15% of the world?s population is living with disability. In India 21 million people are disabled out of which 10 million are blind, 1 million are deaf and 1.5 million are dumb. In our project we mainly focus on providing visual feedback to blind person with voice directions along with emergency case image capture and location sender. For Dumb person we are using text to speech conversion method so that they can type their concern on mobile phone and it is converted into a voice message. For deaf and dumb person we are using gesture recognition.

The Technology

The project is an embedded system which works on Raspberry Pi using Sensor. The sensor detects the hurdles and sends the data to the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi examine the data and send details to the user in the form of Speech. The whole route is narrated to the user and then they can easily go anywhere without facing any problem. The device start working and analyzing surround by taking pictures and measuring object by sensors. There is a code to convert all the data, picture and text into the speech. The language used for the speech is English.

Additional Details

? It is an embedded solution for blind, deaf and dumb person and it can be used by as 3 separate modules as well which reduces the cost of system. ? Overall cost of system is also much less than existing solutions as we are using simple sensors for interfacing and advance level of programming to use output of these sensors at the best. The project is an Integrating feature of all the hardware components been used and developed in it. Hence the contributing to the best working unit for physically challenged with a unique idea, successfully designed and tested.

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