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dancing car with additional working similar to TRANSFORMER

MAKERS: chirag COUNTRY: India

this is future it can be presented in many ways by adding some certain maerial eg making it caleaner, mopper, entertaing and helping for mixing like a blender.


The Purpose

it can solve our daily activities at low voltage and low power easily without any problem and by just adding cleaner as peripheral it can also be used ad many work claner, mixing,moping, and for entertainment also my main purpose it to present in arket to remove the stress as all pupils are busy in todays life

The Technology

i just used low voltage battery and low voltahe round moters and many useful material it can also be used as many workin house holding and this can also b e used is grinder and driller this project is similar to TRANSFORMER

Additional Details

i m hoping for the best from ur side as all person can made some thing from youtube and present it to you but this is my own idea and creation that i presented it to u

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