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Hand gesture based robotic vehicle

MAKERS: Madhavi COUNTRY: India

This system includes a glove which has a receiver circuit which will be mounted on the top with ATMEGA microcontroller interfaced to the accelerometer and it is supposed to be worn by the user while using this machine. The circuit on the vehicle includes FR receiver, PIC microcontroller and Driver IC to operate the motors. The commands that are received by the IC on the circuit are sent to the RF transmitter which forwards the command to the RF receiver. The command from RF receiver then gets transmitted to the PIC microcontroller which decodes the command and makes the vehicle move in the direction specified by the user.


The Purpose

Build an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) capable of being controlled using hand gestures OR Benefits the disabled person, as those person with the hand gesture moves to the direction they want to go without pressing any buttons.

The Technology

Most important component is accelerometer. Accelerometer is a 3 axis acceleration measurement device with +-3g range. This device is made by using polysilicon surface sensor and signal conditioning circuit to measure acceleration. The output of this device is Analog in nature and proportional to the acceleration. This device measures the static acceleration of gravity when we tilt it. And gives an result in form of motion or vibration.

Additional Details

Cost for this project is approx 7-8k.

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