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Automatic drunken drive avoiding system

MAKERS: Rubeena Aafreen

This project is developed by Rubeena Aafreen and Aarzoo siddiqui of 2nd yr btech(electronics) from ZHCET, AMU. We have developed an embedded system for implementing an efficient alcohol detection system that will be useful for avoiding road accidents. This system is basically a combination of both software and hardware which can perform some specific functions using microcontroller Avr-ATmega16. The alcohol sensor, on detecting the alcohol concentration will give the analog resistive output to the microcontroller, then further alcohol detection message is displayed on the LCD. we have set a particular threshold concentration . The car will be stopped when the concentration is above the threshold level and the buzzer starts ringing. Further, we are trying to implement a gsm-gps system so that when the driver is detected as drunken, a message will be sent to the numbers fed(eg. his family members), and his location can be traced by them. This system, if implemented, can help greatly in avoiding road accidents.

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