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Map Explorer : An Efficient Rescuer Robot That Can Generate a Map

MAKERS: Mohammad Zakaria Haider

In recent past, several devastating earthquakes intimidated Nepal with sheer extent of tremor. Quakes with a magnitude of 7.8 demolished thousands of villages, 90% of clinics, buildings, schools & colleges and rendered many more unusable. According to the latest police report, 6,260 fatalities have been confirmed with about 14,000 injured and thousands still unaccounted for .Another much criticized disaster is the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. This deadliest structural failure created a death havoc of around 1,129 victims whereas 2,515 people were rescued alive from the wreckage . But about 30-35% survivors were left with severe injuries and some of them happened to be crippled. Moreover, in some countries like Japan, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh earthquakes have become regular occurrences. Whenever and wherever this happens, thousands of lives become endangered falling beneath the debris.This robot is a prototype of a map integrated Surveillance-cum- rescue robot providing different functional applications in case of accidental occurrences like earthquakes, building and mine collapses. Whenever the destructive events like quakes and structural collapses happen, human casualties account for and the situation gets more dismaying when the victimized people do not get instant help to rescue themselves and cannot communicate with the outside world. The manually controlled rescue operation and relief work have to face immense risk and unpredictable dangers to locate the position of the stranded people which hinder the life saving initiatives. Hence we have explicitly introduced an automated as well as manually operated robotic framework to help rescue operations and disaster management. While exploring the surface, the robot is meant to provide a definite map of the traversed area dynamically. On the other hand, it can be provided a specific map to follow the path to reach a desired location. Consequently, there is an animated version of the actual robot to control the substantial movement from a long distance. Also the robot is accommodated with customized hand-grippers. Moreover, a mobile-camera mounted on the robotic body enables the scope for consistent video feedback. The interfacing between the explorer and the control software has been established via Bluetooth communication. In addition, collaborating with an Android App the robot senses about the geographical parameters of its surroundings. Nevertheless, the most unique characteristic of the system is if in any case the connection between the controller and the robot breaks down like signal disruption, at that point the robot would return to the initial place following the crossed pathway which completely avoids the risk of losing the device from any position. Demo Video of Map explorer :

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