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LetsShare AcaSound Music App


LetsShare AcaSound Music is an on-demand, lean back discovery mode, online streaming platform with focus on delivering the African and International Acappella music on your MOBILE Handset.

The Purpose

The sole purpose of LetsShare AcaSound Music is to bring to you the best all round music experience of Acappella music content on your mobile handset and allows you to personalize it. We discovered that an average of 124 million people in Africa ? listen to Acappella Music every month and the only available listening options are YouTube or buying Physical CD's their isn't an app that can allow them to Stream Acappella Music in the comfort of mobile handsets. We have created a website ( ) so far and aim at developing an App to stream acappella

The Technology

We aim at developing LetsShare AcaSound Music App which will be available for Android, Black Berry and IOS platforms. This will be the first ever Music App in Africa to have thousands of African and International Acappella songs that are Exclusively available for Free online streaming and download. So far on our Website we have had over 50,000 people downloading and streaming acappella music, and the development of the app will attract more Acappella Music Lovers to connect. The success of this app will be unique because it is the first ever Acappella App in Africa.

Additional Details

For so long, Music has been a great tool for evangelism, entertainment and various purposes, and many artists and organization have taken music a way of life and a tool for ministry. Throughout Africa, organizations, companies and unions are being formed to aid and support all kinds of music, starting from R n? B, Hip Hop, Rap and Acoustics, but Acappella has been left out on many occasions. LetsShare AcaSound Music aims at marketing and distributing Acappella music across Africa.

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