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Worldwide Home Automation Server for IoT Platforms and-other-Functionalities

MAKERS: Hamid COUNTRY: Nigeria

Problems-of-other-home-automation-projects-on-the-net 1.The-use-of-Bluetooth:-Only-one-device-at-a-time-and-has-very-short-range-and-it-is-not-fast 2.The-use-of-local-wifi: -Although-it-is-faster-and-can-have-multiple-connections-if-u leave-the-home-you-CANNOT-use-the-system. But-my-Server-enables-you-use-it-both-at-home-and-ANYWHERE-IN-THE_WORLD It-is-Fast-and-FREE-and-can-be-used-for-More-than-JUST HOME AUtomation

The Purpose

A Node js Server for Virtualisation and Home Automation With an Android App for common hardware platforms like Esp8266 , the popular Arduino , raspberry pi and others To Create an Easy and Free platform for beginners and experts to use for Free . And also the completed Source code for the whole setup server, android and arduino will be made open source for those that want to learn how to do something like dat, because that way someone can easily customize the source code to his/her liking. Some other platforms require payment for a long term API

The Technology

Alot of hardware platforms can used. But i Used an Arduino and ESP8266 to communicate with server, Android studio for App that communicates with the server as well. and The Server itself is built usin Node js , server as has alot of REST API's for the Users , and API key for the Hardware is available after signup to authenticate your microcontroller/processor. you can also create your own Custom software and use the API the display or manipulate data the way you want. Custom changes are also accepted. :D

Additional Details

Due to lack of funds its hosted for free on Redhat with 512mb ram dats small because i want to other cool things for heavy processing and also built a complete model house for as Dummy house. You can also connect your RC car to the website to display things like speed and GPS heading google maps , Artificial intelligence for voice control , Autonomous Robots Dashboard and alot of other cool stuff which require more storage and processing power to work effectively.

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