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Bubu Digital

MAKERS: Rychard , Adjamilton COUNTRY: Brazil

A low-cost electronic pacifier which helps parents to take care of their babies through the detection of possible diseases while helping governments and medical researchers to reduce child mortality.


The Purpose

Child mortality is still a factor that befalls in all the world, specially in developing countries. According to UNICEF, 6 million of young children died in 2015 around the world. Diseases in which fever is an important symptom are the majority of those deaths, being the temperature a good source for diagnostics. At short-term, the possibility of monitor a baby health from anywhere, anytime would be greatly less stressing for parents who need to work. At long-term, we could detect diseases and epidemics using the data set created by thousands of smart pacifiers, helping to decrease the child mortality rate.

The Technology

Our solution uses low-cost technology, which consists on microcontrollers and sensors built inside a baby pacifier. This allows measurement of body temperature, sending the data to mobile devices through wireless connection. An installed application alerts when temperature is above or under a normal range, detecting the anomaly on its initial stage. In addition, the mobile app provides temperature history, related news and friendly visualization of data received, helping parents and doctors on the diagnoses. The IoT concept is used: information collected is stored in databases, being used by public administration and health professionals as a tool for decision making.

Additional Details

The market is really favorable for a smart pacifier: more than 131 million children are born every year around the world. By means of research, it was possible to found out that more than 80% of parents would give our product to their babies. This means 5 million of pacifiers sold every year with just 5% of market penetration. Our product is also affordable in comparison to normal pacifiers (around 5 dollars) and thermometers (around 10 dollars): estimation shows the smart pacifier can be sold by 13 American dollars at the pharmacies.

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