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Smart Ventilation System


As temperature rising in many country's My project reads the indoor-temperature and outdoor-temperature and if indoor-temperature is higher than outdoor it automatically starts ventilation-fans until temperature is normal saves electricity

The Purpose

Temperature is rising around the world and not everyone can afford electricity therefore I'm working on a project which reads indoor temperature and outdoor temperature using sensors and whenever indoor temperature goes higher than outdoor temperature the system starts ventilation-fans and dumps out hot air until the indoor and outdoor temperature are same this system saves lots of energy and works 24/7 automatically and does not need anyone to operate and also gives manual control to user. This system can be used in Homes, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Factories, Godowns, Warehouses, etc. This system is very efficiently and reliable.

The Technology

I'm using temperature sensors, infrared-sensors,Lcd's, Ventilation fans, Arduino board, Microcontroller, Embedded system and low level programming arduino ide to make this system work.

Additional Details

This system can be mass produced for cheap and can be further developed for example giving ability to the user to tune the system according to their requirements.

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