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Alcohol detector with auto Ignition

MAKERS: Deepak , Aayush COUNTRY: India

This project saves the life of the people as the device do not allow the drunk person to drive the car. This leads to decrease in drink and drive road

The Purpose

Nowadays due to drink and drive many people lost their life. This device is installed in the four wheeler.If any drunk person sits on driving seat, the device will not allow the car to start. If engine is already started, detects drunk person, it will automatically switch off the ignition. According to WHO , 70% road accidents occurs due to drink and drive. By using this device a major cause of road accidents can be prevented.

The Technology

Components are - 1. Arduino UNO (Coding) 2. Alcohol Sensor 3. Led Indicator 4. Buzzer 5. Breadboard 6. Relay The LED , Buzzer , Alcohol Sensor and Relay all are connected to the Arduino board.Alcohol sensor detects the presence of alcohol, it will check out the amount of alcohol with the help of a comparator. If the amount of consumed alcohol is more than the designed quantity, then arduino module sents the signal to the LED, Buzzer and the Relay. The LED will glow up , Buzzer starts beeping and relay will not allow the ignition system to ignite.

Additional Details

1. Boon for mankind

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