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Intelligent water tank filling system


Project eliminates presence of a person to switch on/off the water pump for storing water in the storage tank where water supplies are regulated for limited period of


The Purpose

In urban areas where water supplies are regulated to some specific period of time, person need to be present on that specific time to switch on their water pumps and store water in their water storage tank. If they are not present at that time then they have to pass through the hassle created due to no water. This project will intelligently (without need of any person) switch on the motor when municipal water supply comes and switch off the motor when storage tank gets filled.

The Technology

This is an IOT project based on arduino Uno R3 board, water sensor, water sensor module, LED indicator, Bread board and jumper cables. Water sensor senses the presence of water in the pipeline and switches on the water pump motor. Motor remains on and fill the storage tank until another water sensor present in the water tank gives signal to the arduino that tank is filled. If tank is filled, arduino with the signal received will automatically switch off the water pump motor.

Additional Details

Number of people turn on their motor and forget to switch it off, which causes wastage of water and electricity due to overflowing of water tank. This project will save water as well as electricity. According to MCD breeding of mosquitoes on terraces is largely due to contamination of water because of water overflowing. This will prevent breeding of mosquitoes This eliminates the need of physical presence of a person on time to switch on/off the water pump motor

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