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Toddler Talk

MAKERS: Jainil , Nirav , Yash , Jay , Rahul COUNTRY: India

Toddler talk is an online learning platform that uses gamification to provide an interactive medium to help supplement kids' learning. Project is accessible at

The Purpose

In various countries, education system lack in matching the rise of technology. Children these days have adopted the speed of technology quite efficiently. The problem that currently we are trying to address is as follows: - A lot of children use technology for entertainment but providing basic knowledge through the medium of technology is what is currently lacking. In this platform, the kid sees an image or alphabet/color/animal and then he needs to correctly identify it or he can click on the image and the platform speaks the name of the object which the kid then later repeats.

The Technology

The platform is designed keeping children as the primary audience. Hence, it has the minimal user interface, with only one button. In terms of technology, we are using the following API's. 1) responsivevoice.js (API that converts text to speech) 2) aanyang (a JavaScript API that converts speech to text) 3) twemoji (a Twitter API to convert emojis to images)

Additional Details

Some subtle point of the platform is as follows: - The platform is specially designed for kids and has the minimal user interface. - It uses gamification that is essentially suitable for kids that have the lower attention span. - The images are in the form of emojis, so making kids relate. Some of the further work we plan to do is as follows: - Include more topics and cover syllabus from kindergarten to high school. - Use data analytics to identify students strong and weak spots and provide a more personalized learning experience.

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