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Ultrasonic doorbell system that detects visitors and measures distance

MAKERS: AbdulAziz Ahmed COUNTRY: Somalia

This project's main parts are arduino module, ultrasonic sensors and Lcd display and works as object detection with additional feature; enables us to find his distance and make counting.


The Purpose

This is a multi purpose project, my scope is using as a security purpose, to detect, measure their distance instantly and rings automatically when ever is detects objects. You can also use as a Automatic car parking system that avoids accidents if you want to park your car. and many other projects that that includes detection phenomena

The Technology

Technology employed in this project are Arduno Uno revision 3, Ultrasonics Sensor, LCD16*2, with additional simulation software that made easy generate this useful project.

Additional Details

In this project you can add additional features like GSM modules to send information when ever you are at work or other place. other features are detection cameras to take screenshot of the object and sending data to the house holder, also adding servo motor is a important feature to make at least 120 degree to make sure accuracy.? you can expand this project just it depends your needs...

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