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MAKERS: Ziru , Ling , Steph COUNTRY: United States

InTable is an IoT-enabled smart classroom table module to improve class & group activities engagement and assist curriculum development.


The Purpose

- In large-scale classes, teachers usually find it hard to track attendance and participation, as well as organizing class quiz and group/lab activities - There is also a lack of data on how students perform for class improvement and curriculum development

The Technology

The technology used is Internet of Things (IoT). The internet button connects the web server deployed on the Google Cloud Platform. When pressed log in the data into Excel sheets within the designated Google drive. InTable later uses data analytics to provide feedback for teachers on student participation and activity progress.

Additional Details

We identified some business sides of InTable: - Target user: college professors and high/middle school teachers, students - Target market (customer): start from LA local schools, expand to other colleges, high schools, and middle schools - Business Model: Form contract with schools for classroom standard equipment purchases, and charge additional fees for personalized product design and requirements for repair/maintenance

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