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MAKERS: Woratham , Watchanan COUNTRY: Thailand

WheelShare is a mobile application providing maps and navigation for handicapped people. It allows crowd-sourcing in which users can contribute to improve data.


The Purpose

Today's map and navigation application do not work very well for handicapped people, especially in navigation. Suggested routes usually consist of road which is not appropriate when transporting without cars WheelShare offers routes that a small wheeled vehicle can pass which can consist of sidewalk and other walk ways. Each segment of routes can be rated by users for its safety, convenience, etc. Since each term is subjective, the application present the average of each term accordingly so that users can review and decide on which route to take.

The Technology

WheelShare is a mobile application, currently Android only, that provides up-to-date map and navigation services for handicapped people. We use Google Maps Android API for the map and drawing lines. We use NodeJS for server-sided processing for its speed. For hosting, we use Heroku's free package which is working adequately. For database, we use Firebase because it works well with NodeJS and for how it stores data; ours is graphs. With said technologies, we can manage and display data efficiently.

Additional Details

- Routes can be off the roads; side-walk, across some area that cars cannot pass - Navigate using shortest routes or safest routes - Can select point by searching - Users can rate (segments of) routes; crowd-souring

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