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MAKERS: Nurani , Ristania Fitri , CItta , Anggoro Dwi Nur COUNTRY: Indonesia

Adaptable Dancing Robot (ANDARO) is a humanoid robot that can dance automatically when audio sensor sense the traditional music dance. ANDARO created to perform traditional dance with different and unique


The Purpose

Indonesia has many culture including traditional dance. Traditional dance is an important thing to maintain because, every traditional dances have morals and norms from its ethnic. But, recently, Indonesian youth has lack interest in traditional dance. Many Indonesian youth does not know what traditional dance from they come from. Why Indonesian youth must, at least know traditional dance from their ethnic? Because they can improve their attitude with their local wisdom to be a better person. We create ANDARO to entertain Indonesian people with traditional dance. With different way to performing traditional dance, it can increase Indonesian youth of traditional

The Technology

ANDARO use wireless audio sensor to sense the traditional music dance. We use Bluetooth audio sensor. The traditional music dance played when ANDARO on the stage and transmitted to the ANDARO?s audio sensor trough Bluetooth. We use wireless audio sensor to avoid noise on the stage, so ANDARO can dance based on the music

Additional Details

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