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Extremely Cheap Robot Bug

MAKERS: Vinicius Jean , Rodrigo Marques , Joao Olegario COUNTRY: Brazil

This Bug Robot uses bug algorithms to navigate in unkown environments with cheapest sensors, using multisensor data fusion to improve his performance.

The Purpose

Navigation in unknown environments is a problem solved by various algorithms. Many algorithms was proposed in simulations, but with no hardware tests and sometimes they works good in simulations but they are too much hard and expensive to implementate. This project solves the problem of navigation in unknown environments using cheap sensors and with no need of calibration. This kind of robot can be used to autonomous transportation of resources or to spacial exploration with AI + remote control.

The Technology

The robot uses cheapest sensors and actuators and costs less than U$ 100, the sensors can be uncalibrated because the sensor fusing techniques. There is a gyro and a compass fused to avoid drift problems of the gyro and improves the accuracy of the compass. If the ultrasound fails and the robot hits the obstacles, the tilt switches take over the control and makes the robot to continue his way towards the objective. There was used an Arduino UNO R3, two continuous rotation servos, one position servo, one gyro, one compass, two tilt swithes and one ultrasound sensor.

Additional Details

This project was used to compare the performance of three bug algorithms: Bug2, DistBug and Intelligent Bug Algorithm. The real-time coordinates of the robot was send to LabVIEW via Wi-Fi with the ESP8266 module. Future works can be done in a bigger mobile robot using a Lidar Lite and some more efficient algorithms, as TangentBug or Intelligent Bug Algorithm.

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