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Haize, the magical compass


HAIZE is a smart navigation device for urban cyclists that helps cyclists find their way, explore the city and keep safe. HAIZE works like a magic compass.


The Purpose

All being active cyclists in big cities we often felt the pain of having to navigate through the city to new locations or when cycling abroad. There is no good solution for urban cyclists on the market today. Using Google maps forces you to pull out your phone constantly or listen to a nagging voice in your ear. Strapping your precious smartphone to your bike leaves the phone exposed to the weather, and the cyclist has to follow routes made for cars. Cycling GPS solutions are both clumsy and expensive.

The Technology

HAIZE combines stylish design with high value materials and innovative functionality. The product is used together with a smartphone app. The solution proposed for this problems is Haize, a Bluetooth enabled compass that uses the phone GPS and Bluetooth to point to the final destination, providing easy readable information that the cyclist can also interpret on the go. The use of the Haize device will be fun and non-intrusive, allowing for a free navigation of the city, and in combination with the app, to improve the overall cycling experience.

Additional Details

1) A ?magic? compass. Simplification of an ancient product. Instead of pointing North, our compass will point to the user's desired destination. Market validation >2000 years of use. 2) ?Humane? navigation. Rather than blindly following instructions, the cyclist chooses roads and turnings as he pleases. He is not reprimanded ?Perform a U-turn? or ?Recalculating route...?. 3) Breaking navigation down into two different tasks, and using completely different interfaces for each task. Inputting the destination: a smartphone app with all the rich graphical interface features, map, search and text entry features consumers are used to.

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