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Design and Deployment of College Cloud for Education-as-a- service

MAKERS: Praveen COUNTRY: India

To create a Open Source cloud that would benefit the college administration to reduce cost and time for storage and infrastructure and help student to attain knowledge quickly.

The Purpose

To solve the administrative problem by providing on-demand services to the student and teacher like storage, infrastructure and mobile access to students and providing modules for students to study by providing assignments which can solved by student from anywhere. The student can store the important data on the provided individual storage and teacher can share the important document on the shared storage. The infrastructure is provided on demand and given to any number of depending on server capability. The teacher can conduct practical exam on the provided infrastructure as ports are assigned to each new user.

The Technology

We are using Open Source Technology like OpenStack Components like Keystone, Swift for providing Storage and using Docker to provide infrastructure and OwnCloud is used for mobile access. The Docker data is stored on the swift storage and replicas can be created for the data stored on swift storage

Additional Details

This reduce the cost of the hardware which needs to changed and the software provided to the students can be easily available on the students laptop itself so every time a configuration is not required on each machine.

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