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The logically-coupled ultrasonic(U.S) sensors sense the direction in which train is moving and correspondingly display measures on LCD screen. The U.S sensors then logically control the opening/closing operation of gates(Servo-motors).


The Purpose

Nowadays, a number of people die due to human error while crossing the railway gate. The major errors include no proper control flow of traffic, manual operation of traffic gates. If mechanism is automatic, the margin of error becomes less. Hence, can save lives of people through this concept. Using microcontroller, We can emphasis on systematic flow of traffic and therefore avoid tension at junction.

The Technology

Ultrasonic Sensors(2/4 quantity) used at two ends for checking of train arrival and departure. The distance at which the Ultrasonic sensors are placed is properly selected so that the gates close in time. As the train approaches the ultrasonic sensor, it detects the train and the servo which is an replica of automatic gates in our project will close or open according to the condition. At one end, if obstacle is detected ,condition for presence of train will be ON, gates will be CLOSED. Receiving again the original condition, gates will be OPEN.Same-case will be observed for train travelling otherwise.

Additional Details

Safety of the citizens at the railway crossing and traffic management before the arrival and after the departure of train at railway crossing. Design: Project design includes a microcontroller which is Arduino uno at the initial stage for interfacing and checking the logic of the program ,written in the specific visual studio. Later micro-controller ATMega16 will be used for interfacing the same with which LCD will be interfaced to give various warnings to citizens at the railway crossing.

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