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SIngle Wheel Hoverboard

MAKERS: Vishwanath , Akhil Sai , Indraneel COUNTRY: India

A personal electric vehicle, running on a single wheel. Also equipped with battery level indicator, bluetooth connectivity to smartphone app, and smartwatch for unlocking your ride.


The Purpose

The project buys the trust of the consumers to switch to electric drivetrain for their day-to-day activities. Electric vehicles are still viewed as an expensive accessory. This project throws light on the benefits of an electric vehicle over a traditional vehicle. The current versions of hoverboards (with two wheels) are doomed harmful, owing to the physics that doesn't help its cause. Our single wheel iteration of the hoverboard is safer than them.

The Technology

The vehicle uses self balancing algorithm to balance the user on it. The PID algorithm used is modified for the purpose, and the response of it can be modified by selecting drive modes, namely 'Normal' and 'Sport' modes. The custom designed motor driver mode has regenerative capability, to capture enough energy to recharge the batteries.

Additional Details

The hoverboard is designed keeping every customer in mind, so we have equipped our hoverboard with 1. Advanced battery level display 2. app for unlocking, vehicle diagnostics, and drive mode selection. 3. Storage space for things up-to 1Kg. USB slots for mobile battery charging are in construction. 4. Smartwatch designed for unlocking of the hoverboard. The password can be set and shared (QR code method) on the smartphone app.

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