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Smart Vehicular Control

MAKERS: Goutam , Bhushan , Aashrita , Sourabh COUNTRY: India

Shutsdown vehicles from website by entering number plate,shutsdown if exceeds pollution limit by warning,doesnt honk near nohorn areas and controls speed (speed limit areas) based on gps AndCanDetectWhoComittedHitAndRunCases.

The Purpose

vehicle oriented crimes are increasing day by day. People honk near schools and hospitals, suffer when their vehicle go missing, pay over rated vehicle insurance and over speed near speed limit areas. There is no product that catch holds hit and run cases. People neednot go to police station in case of vehicle theft. They can shut their vehicle by sitting at home via a website. Police can also shut it instead of chasing people via secured logins. Pollution has become a major concern as we see in delhi. So, the product controls all these aspects for a better future.

The Technology

The product is highly compact, costs us about 6000/- making it highly useful. It works on IOT technology. Uses webtechnology to user interface and as soon as values change in database, Raspberry 3 reacts to all the changes and does the desired task via a relay connected to ignition,horn,silencer. Uses gps to check the database which have values of all speed limit and no horn areas. Its non hack able alerting users in case if anyone trys to bias it. It uses lasers and LDRs which allows it to detect all vehicles around the geolocation in cases of hitandrun

Additional Details

* Shuts down if user wishes no matter where the vehicle is * Shuts down if police wants instead of chasing no matter where the vehicle is * Doesn't honk near no horn areas * Doesn't allow to over speed near no horn areas * Detects hit and run case as who committed it being only one of its kind * Non hack able

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