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Wallet Proof

MAKERS: Yehya , Badr COUNTRY: Egypt

Our Project's aim is the safety of personal belongings of individuals who spend their days outside all the time with high risks of loosing them to theft or forgetting them.

The Purpose

the main problem is the theft of personal belongings in public areas such as public transportation or public parks and the users noticing the lost of their stuff very late to take any proper action or ask for any proper help.

The Technology

the tech we are using is very simple, we are using a hardware (low signal Bluetooth HC-05, Buzzer, Arduino Uno) and Android Application, as soon as the wallet or bag are stolen with the hardware in them and the connection between the application and the Bluetooth in the hardware is disconnected, the hardware will give a high pitched sound giving out the place of the thief and making every one notice and also the application will set off an alarm in tone or vibration to alert the user in case the buzzer sound was not noticed yet.

Additional Details

- There will be an added feature which is opening the camera to take a picture of the thief in case the user cant pursue or ask for help. - The application will be in Arabic and English - Wont need internet to save battery life - User friendly - User can turn on and off the buzzer from the application as an additional way to locate the hardware's location by following the sound. - Future work include GPS but now wont be using GPS to save Battery - Prototype is done and working on adding more suitable features with efficient cost

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