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WySeM - Distributed Monitoring & Control of Building Utilities

MAKERS: Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Saad , Shahzaib Ali COUNTRY: Pakistan

Save on utility bills by monitoring & Controlling Electricity, Gas & Water through a Web-based application.

The Purpose

For underdeveloped countries, resources are either limited or unmanaged. Our project provides the solution to manage these resources through monitoring and controlling of three basic Utilities i.e. Electricity, Gas & Water through a Web-based application. Users will also be able to make his/her budget based upon Bill prediction through Regression model. Also provides an additional feature of environmental monitoring such as Temperature, Humidity, & Air Quality.

The Technology

Recently done projects were only employing electricity monitoring or Controlling. We not only combined both the features but also adds Gas & Water monitoring & Controlling as well. Alpha, Bravo & Charlie nodes measure electricity, gas & water consumption respectively and communicate the data wirelessly with a Central Hub. The Central hub collects the data, store it and finally upload it to the cloud. Central Hub also communicates the controlling commands to the particular node. Central Hub is also capable of measuring temperature and humidity which is used for Electricity Bill Prediction through Regression model.

Additional Details

Air Quality sensor at the Gas node (Bravo Node) switches off the main supply in case of leakage. The system is intelligent enough that it will turn off the undesired loads in peak hours of billing. This feature can be turn ON/OFF by the user to address his/her needs. Distinguished Features: Economical hardware, Monitor as well as Control, Monitoring & Control of Gas & Water, Keep Records with Date & Time Stamp, Internet Based, Intelligent System, Bill Prediction, Protection against Short Circuit, Environmental Monitoring.

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