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MAKERS: Reem , Elaf , Amjad , Amjad , Rawiah COUNTRY: Saudi Arabia

This system can reduce the efforts of parents and children while also providing needed healthcare. It enables remote monitoring and provides feedback to parents in order to detect potential risks

The Purpose

Fifteen percent of babies were born with a diagnosis of Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) did not reach their 18th age. The cost of healthcare for children diagnosed with CHD is approximate $2 billion in the USA. Children diagnosed with CHD visit ER in hospitals 3 to 4 times higher than the general population.In addition, children immune system is not completely developed until approximately the age of 12th to 14th years old. Thus, children diagnosed with CHD might get an infection by going very often to hospitals for their regular check-up. In general, healthcare is costly.

The Technology

Our system adapted the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and phone application technology to read and to monitor children?s vital signs and then transfer them to an iOS phone application. The application provides parents with their child's vital sign history. In addition, it classifies the child's case as risky or non-risky using a rule-based classifier. In case of emergency, parents can call an emergency number

Additional Details

We are creating Congenital Heart Defect Mentoring System (CHDMS) to measure the vital signs for children between the ages of the newborn until 5th years old who suffer from CHD in order to improve the quality of medical care while reducing its cost. In addition, our application teaches parents how to manage their child?s health and alerts parents by sending messages in the case of emergencies and call the emergency number.

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