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Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People

MAKERS: Ahmad , Murtaza , Muhammad , Usman COUNTRY: Pakistan

285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide (WHO). To aid these people, we have developed a low cost cane incorporating modern mechanisms for their safe day-to-day travelling.

The Purpose

People with visual impairment face many difficulties in their daily tasks and are dependent on either a trained dog or a cane. Our project is an electronic travel aid for safe and independent mobility. With a programmed mechanism, detection and avoidance of obstacles in different orientations is possible. This detection is also extended to water and certain combustible gases. For personal satisfaction and that of friends and family, the cane incorporates support for transmitting contact information to an android application in case of emergency. We believe in bringing light to their life i.e. advance technology for humanity!

The Technology

Using Stellaris ? LM4F120 LaunchPad, we interfaced HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors with vibrators and an audio guidance system that can detect obstacles and staircases. Consequently, allowing the user to handle them. To ensure personal safety to the fullest, the cane can communicate to an android application through HC-05 Bluetooth module to transmit personal information for emergency situations on the click of a button. Finally, for certain situations that may arise, an MQ-05 smoke sensor and a BJT based water sensor fitted in the cane can play their due part. The best part is that all of this is only for 50-60$.

Additional Details

? Distinct vibratory patterns to convey obstacle direction information ? Affordable with built in feature to locate in case of misplacement ? Inbuilt rechargeable battery with several hours backup ? Adjustable sensor range for indoor and outdoor use ? Non-contact detection ? Finding a path through narrow passages ? Staircase detection ? Customizable for adding image processing feature for face detection ? Customizable for sending message alerts to friends and family in an emergency ? Audio guidance system for playing audio through smartphone to avoid obstacles and detect staircases

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