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SpongeBlock xyz

MAKERS: Jason COUNTRY: United States

SpongeBlock xyz is a multi-tool platform for single-board computers providing students and professionals a variety of mounting solutions including DIN rail, tripod, and bicycle road bar or metal tubing.


The Purpose

SpongeBlock xyz provides STEM students and professionals greater flexibility for mounting single-board computers. Manufacturers of plastic enclosures for single-board computers typically restrict users of single-board computers to enclose a single-board computer in a box, greatly limiting their applications. The high price tag of many of these boxes show manufacturers are not familiar with Eben Upton's motives to build a five dollar computer, the Raspberry Pi Zero, an inexpensive computer that gives children an opportunity to learn programming without spending their entire savings allowance. Following in the footsteps of Eben Upton, SpongeBlock xyz achieves a final sale price of five dollars.

The Technology

SpongeBlock xyz mounts a single-board computer to a DIN rail, tripod, and bicycle road bar or metal tubing right out of the box for completing a variety of STEM applications including data science, seismology, time-lapse photography, and exercise physiology. SpongeBlock xyz has naturally assimilated the work of both the Raspberry Shake and Pigeon projects. SpongeBlock xyz accepts the swivel and mounting adapter of the latter project to mount a speaker to a wall. The multi-tool platform is designed for 3D printing. The open-source model incorporates draft, ramp, and gussets for plastic injection mold manufacturing.

Additional Details

SpongeBlock xyz includes thru-holes for mounting a variety of electronic components including push-buttons, potentiometers, and audio I/O. The default option includes spacers for mounting a Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3, and thru-holes for mounting a Raspberry Pi A/B/Zero, Raspberry Pi Camera, and breadboard. Alternative options include spacers or thru-holes for mounting single-board computers other than the Raspberry Pi such as BeagleBoard, and thru-holes for mounting a speaker or geophone. SpongeBlock also includes a 1x5 Lego plate for decorating a project with Legos. SpongeBlock xyz is versatile, flexible, and scalable. The multi-tool platform is particularly tailored for expanding cycle space.

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