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Capable of generating a depth in 2D , thermal mapping and altitude mapping in real time mounted on a radio controlled Robot


The Purpose

To produce the depth map and thermal scan of area in front of my Robot and plot on a display, altitude of variance is also captured and plotted in real time . Video feed is also achieved through UV4L webservers on Raspberry pi , Robot is controlled using 2.4Ghz flysky radio link . My Robot allows mapping at very low cost.

The Technology

The depth mapping using ST VL53L0X TOF lidar , thermal mapping uses contact less thermometer MLX90614 and altitude mapping uses BMP180 . All the sensors are mounted on a servo Motor which sweeps the area in front of my Robot through 180 degrees, collect the sensor data onto a buffer and plot on a display in real time . All the processing is done on an atmega328 controller. Video feed from robot is broadcasted through UV4L webserver on Raspberry pi . The robot has 4 wheel drive with a 2.4Ghz radio link .

Additional Details

The robot has a NeoPixel strip for assistance . The robot weighs less than 5Kg . The robot is built for various terrain conditions

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