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A Rough Terrain Semi-Autonomous Robot for Planetary Research-MARS Rover

MAKERS: Muhammad COUNTRY: Pakistan

The Platform has been developed for both ground and planetary research purpose in highly rough environment. We have followed the theme of University Rover Challenge (URC), Utah USA.


The Purpose

Humans want to discover new planets and life but we can't send human beings directly to another planet. So we sent robots like Mars Rover. We designed a rover and wanted to participate in University Rover Challenge. We are observing the Rover in rough terrain which it covers because of Rocker Bogie Mechanism. We are collecting samples by our manipulator, video by FPV camera, temperature reading etc. The whole controlling is from remote station by RF technique. A semi-Autonomous feature has been added as path saving and return if signal lost. US Army also used such platforms for bomb disposing.

The Technology

We have designed a rover which is capable to cover a range of 350m. Our task is to send examine its behavior and get environmental data ()video & temperature) for rough ground. It has a 5DOF manipulator which has a gripper at end. This manipulator is for sample collection. We are using Brushed ESC's for 6 motors of wheels. The main controllers are Arduino and APM (Ardu Pilot Mega 2.8) which covers the sik telemetry radio (of 350m range), a GPS, a power module, a temperature & humidity sensor and 360o coverage video camera.

Additional Details

The whole platform is controlled from a distant station via Radio Frequency Control. We also got video feed, GPS data and temperature reading remotely. The Robotic manipulator is also controlled remotely.

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