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Robotic Arm

MAKERS: Jhonatan COUNTRY: Brazil

Robotic arm using arduino as microcontroller and peripherals, being commanded through a graphical interface in MatLab.

The Purpose

Robotic arm developed as a project of a discipline of the electrical engineering course of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (Cuiab? / MT / Brazil). Being a didactic project, it provides us with the continuous development of programming logic, applied to problems of industrial automation.

The Technology

The arduino microcontroller is used in this project and the great differential is in serial communication with a computer. In order to control the robot, a graphical interface was developed in MatLab, where besides the movements can also be made the recording of the steps and autonomous execution of the same ones.

Additional Details

The control system works great, just like the serial communication between MatLab and Arduino.

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