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Smart Sound Level Meter

MAKERS: Henry , Devon , Austin Chong COUNTRY: United States

This device alerts the user if they are at risk for hearing loss. Through the web-based application the user can track, analyze and observe their exposure to unhealthy noise levels.

The Purpose

30 to 50 million people experience unhealthy noise levels on a daily basis. This continuous exposure increases the risk of tinnitus and deafness. There is no known cure for those who suffer from these conditions. Oftentimes these people experience drastic changes in their lifestyles depending on the severity of their hearing loss. This medical device seeks to prevent deafness and tinnitus by warning the user of potential hearing loss. Using a web-based application, users will be able to make educated decisions about their aural health.

The Technology

This device monitors the length and intensity of sound waves the user is exposed to in a day. It uses a microphone to measure sound waves. The Raspberry Pi connects to the microphone and alerts the user when they are experiencing a harmful noise level. In addition, the Raspberry Pi records and uploads data about a user's exposure to sound waves to a web based application. This data includes information about the environment, sound intensity, and time of day. Once the dataset is acquired, analytics provide preventative strategies that will limit a user's long term risk for hearing loss.

Additional Details

-This is a proof of concept. -The device records,analyzes, and alerts the user in real time.

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