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Smart Wind Tracking Turbine

MAKERS: sushil COUNTRY: India

wind tracking turbine senses the max velocity flow of wind in 360 deg and turns the face of turbine towards max wind flow direction.

The Purpose

small wind turbines dynamos can sense the flow direction of wind to use the full kinetic energy of the wind,so this smart system sense and move the turbine face towards the highest kinetic energy of the wind.

The Technology

i had used small dc motors as an air flow sensor used there power as an analog siggnal and sens them to the ADC of an microcontroler ,from any direction if wind flowing enough to move any sensor motors at full power so that they can genrate 5v for microcontroller,that sensor who moves at full speed servo motor moves the dynamo caring side to that sensor motor.

Additional Details

Due to the present of fossil fuel in limit amount in nature the application of renewable energy mostly wind and solar energy are increasing with high rate. Energy sector is the baste way to improve the economy for any country.The hybrid energy can be installed for both small scale and for large scale. This technology can help to meet the emergency power requirement when grid electricity is not available. This automatic wind tracking system is also portable, cost-effective and energy efficient. By further suitable modifications, the system could be used to charge gadgets for daily use for higher energy requirement.

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