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This is an idea to generate electricity in a different way. The process involved in this is similar to the process how wind mills work . But the main difference here is we will be blowing air at high speed with the help of a motor. Usually this motor works by taking electricity and one end of the motor shat is connected to its primary usage and the other end is the major part from which we produce electricity: by connecting a blower to it(which sends air surrounding it with high velocity).On the other side to generate electricity from this high velocity air which is coming from motor a centrifugal type rotor is placed so that it rotates with the help of high velocity air coming from the motor and when it rotates generator produces current. However initially the generator is run by supplying electricity then the supply is cut off then with the help of motor and its air blower the generator works.

The Purpose

It solves the major problem of producing electricity, now a days there are different ways of producing electricity but this a typical way of producing current from motor by using air blower and then further producing electricity.

The Technology

here in my project initially the air is blowed with the help of motor which is used for conventional purpose(example: using that motor for reciprocating or some other purpose),then on the other side the forced air is made to fall on the vanes of a shaft which is connected to a generator so that if forced air comes from motor generator produces electricty.

Additional Details

i think it will work more effectively

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