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Student Management through Iris Recognition System

MAKERS: Monika Agrawal

Iris Recognition is regarded as the most efficient and accurate bio-metric system. Iris Recognition is the best way to verify one's identification by pattern matching or image processing of Iris (which is a part of eye) using neural networks.It is to be noted that Iris patterns are unique for everyone and even Iris patterns of one's left and right eye don't match. Iris Recognition can be used to make a student management system where on entering the class Iris pattern of the students and supervisors will automatically be matched and their presence will be tracked in the Iris recognition system. This system will be capable of uploading the tracked result at the student/supervisor corner of the respective college/school. This will prevent malpractices of the students. Only genuine attendance will be tracked and uploaded. This system is also useful in examination, on entering examination hall Iris pattern will be directly matched and the students who are present will be eligible for allocating marks, this will eliminate all the cases where someone else can give examination on behalf of the other. Thus Iris Recognition system will be a boon to track the record of the students.

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