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MAKERS: Sahil Saini

1. Project Title: Indoro-N (Indoor Autonomous Navigation Mobile Robot)-DIY 2. Project brief: The self-balancing mobile robot on two wheels, called INDORO-N, works on the principle of an inverted pendulum. The robot is inherently unstable and without external control it would roll around the wheel's rotation axis and eventually fall. Driving the motors in the right direction returns the robot to the upward position. Although the robot is inherently unstable, it has several advantages over the statically stable multi-wheeled robots - since it has only two wheels (two points touching the ground) it requires less space; since it is based on dynamic stability (it constantly needs to correct its tilt angle to remain stable) it exhibits improved dynamic behavior and mobility. This additional maneuverability allows easy navigation on various terrains, turning sharp corners (it can turn on the spot) and traversing small steps or curbs. 3. Scope of work: (i) We will be modifying this robot now with much more sensors and well equipped connectivity facility with smartphones such that we can have better interface and dynamic controlling. (ii) Cost and weight saving are realized through development of an innovative indoor guidance navigation and control algorithm that uses only small off the shelf , low cost range sensors rather than expensive and sophisticated sensor such as LIDAR & vision. (iii) A key focus of this effort DIY is to enable navigation in indoor environments without relying on any external positioning signals (iv) Make this DIY project simple in design , easy to built and remote controlled with step by step instruction and demonstrate the techniques involved in balancing an unstable robotic platform on two wheels. (v) The algorithms are design to encourage maximum exploration of the perimeter of an indoor environment in a reasonable amount of time. 4. Real World Applications: (i) The need for autonomous vehicle has been widely demonstrated for tasks such as search and rescue, disaster assessment,and military reconnaissance. (ii) Transportation of things in homes, large campuses and industrial sites with the help of autonomous navigation system since it has a maximum payload capacity of 5 kg depending upon the drive use. (iii)Concept can extended to build variety of life interacting bots with adding a LCD display and connectivity to smart phone virtual assistant (Cortana & Siri) and will helpful to blind person as it will guide the way within the large campus or company and industrial sites. (iv) Concept can be added to provide a physical security presence in campus security watch.

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