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Gesture Based Home Automation

MAKERS: Rohan Vardekar

It has been two centuries but still we are using buttons to control Electrical Devices.The Basic Idea behind this project is providing Gesture based Electrical Devices Control. The main aim of project is providing user-friendly interface to interact with our home and glance at how 'Internet Of Things' can change our future. Instead of using camera, I am using Accelerometer and Compass Sensor to detect gesture on wearable device .I am Using Arduino Uno to process data generated by sensors. I am also providing on board IR transmitters on wearable device to control any IR based devices such as TV,DVD,AC through gestures.Wearable device communicates with main server over Bluetooth communication using HC-05 Bluetooth Module. On the server side I am using Intel Edison Board which is nothing but embeded computer with on board WiFi,Bluetooth and GPIOs.This Edison board provides Similar Pin configuration as of Arduino Uno. For testing purpose I am connecting Smart Box to this Edison Board.I have designed Smart Box so that Household AC as well as DC devices can be controlled using digital signals.Here I am Controlling Lights through Smart Box.I am also Connecting prototype of 'Automated Door' to Smart Box .Thus now you can open or close lock of door through electrical signals.I am using Python language for Edison board. Whenever we perform gesture it is recognized by Arduino Uno from Wearable Device and sends signal to main server.Depending signal received ,predefined action is implemented by Edison Board.Edison board is connected to internet through WiFi .I am uploading Door status and Temperature status on 'ThingSpeek Cloud' Service.Thus we can monitor our House from anywhere.Whenever someone presses the doorbell I am sending text message to predefined number via 'Way-To-Sms ' service using internet. I have recorded IR signals emitted by Remote controls of my TV and Set top Box.I have assigned some actions to control IR devices through IR transmitter from Wearable Device using gestures. *Future Application of Project are as follow: 1)Home and Industrial Automation. 2)Recognizing Actions and providing Voice Output to People who Cannot Talk 3)instead of computer mouse ,we can use this device to control Cursor on Computer Screen. 4) Hand tracking features of this device can be used to control Robotic Arm at remote places to perform 'Medical Operations' by the Doctors. We can conclude that with this technology we can provide efficient and effective solutions to society in very low price. I have also uploaded 'Instructables 'for this project along with Basic Source Codes and instructions for implementing project here :

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