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MAKERS: Sravani , Manvitha , Ganesh COUNTRY: India

The major problem existing in the present world is the Improper and Inefficient Waste Mangement system. This area lacks attention from government and implementation of latest technologies in to it.

The Purpose

Smart Cities is one of the major trending topics throughout the world. Poor Waste Management is the biggest obstacle being faced in the development of smart cities. Our product ?Whizz-Bin? makes the dream of maintaining the cities clean and easier waste management a reality. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. We currently recover only five percent of the plastics we produce, this is mainly due to improper waste management, overfilling of garbage bins, not separating bio waste and plastic waste, not using dustbins because of which plastic waste is clogging the drainages, polluting water

The Technology

Whizz-Bin fits in to the requirements of efficient waste management, It totally works on Solar Power .It consists of an object detector that detects the plastic waste thrown in the plastic waste collection unit and generates a code which is displayed in the LED display to access Wi-Fi ,this attracts people to use the bin.A plastic shredding unit is embedded in the plastic waste collection unit. Automatic Locking System is installed in the bin which works with the help of a level detector when the bin is 80% full it senses and locks the bin to avoid overfilling of garbage

Additional Details

Our implementation plan will be carried out in two parts: prepare for manufacturing, and marketing and selling the product. In preparation for manufacturing we plan to hire cheap labor and train them to make the bins. , and purchase wholesale components in bulk to cut down on costs. In marketing and selling the product we plan to hire knowledgeable salespeople. To promote our product we will team up with the Government and Corporate firms. The total estimated cost for the installation and fabrication of Whizz-Bin will range from 55k-60k. Whizz-Bin is the newest modification in a growing market eager for inventive

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