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Low cost zero waste energy efficient green building

MAKERS: Rahul , Madhav , Sourav , Rahul COUNTRY: India

A total sustainable structure can be developed if the utilisation of the resources are done in an efficient manner leading to no waste and greener environment.

The Purpose

A low cost building can be prepared when the price of the material used for the construction of the building is low or the presence of a different material having strength equal to or more than the existing material at a lower price is used or the material which is being used in the construction is to be used in such a way that the material will be used minimum amount giving out the maximum output from it . The same way in this project a different brick masonary method is used for the construction of walls leading to conservation.

The Technology

The further advancement that is going to be done in the building is the use of renewable energies to lower the dependency on non renewable resources, along with the innovative ideas of energy conservation as well as producion , reuse of water again and again leading to less amount of water consumption and water conserving ideas, increasing the thermal insulation of building with the help of various techniques that are economical to use , also to maintain green environment around the building with the use of minimal amount of water & even the people residing in the building will contribute.

Additional Details

All this will result in development of low cost, energy efficient building that will lead to the production of affordable houses in the future and also the eco friendly means of living to make the surrounding better and contribute towards the development of society and controlling the amount of pollution for a better living and a brighter tomorrowand a sustainable development can be followed. So that all the affordable housing related issues can be resolved in the future making it an necessity for a planned development.

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