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Eggatron: Smart Egg Tray!


The Eggatron is the smartest way to store eggs in your refrigerator! Using touch sensors and LED lights, the Eggatron indicates to you the age of your eggs! Simply load a new set of eggs in and the colored light for each egg will gradually go from green to red! No more spoiled eggs! It also has a control knob at the top (the center piece with the "The Eggatron" inscription) that can be used to adjust the age of each egg if you know that an egg is already old or if you take one out and decide to put it back in! Left and right shifts on the knob let you choose which egg you're adjusting while up and down shifts allow you to adjust the age of each egg in days. You can also press and "click" the knob to access other routines. The Eggatron also has a photoresistor (light sensor) which allows it to save energy by turning off the LEDs when it's dark from the refrigerator being closed! The Eggatron is also a more space-efficient storage device for your eggs. By laying the eggs out over an area instead of a line, and distributing the weight of the eggs and the components of the Eggatron correctly, the Eggatron can be stored both vertically and horizontally. It's your choice! Even though it looks like the eggs would fall out when stored vertically, they don't! When you put the eggs inside, a flexible piece wraps around each egg, preventing it from moving until you pull it out! This means you can arrange your eggs however is most efficient and convenient! The Eggatron was envisioned and designed entirely by Cyrus Tabrizi. The main structure of the Eggatron consists of 11 unique 3D-printed components. These parts are assembled together with 24 8-32x 1/2 Hexagon Socket Button Head Cap screws! The electronics consist of: 12x RGB LEDs (WS2812B 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip from Adafruit) 12x 6mm Tactile Switches 1x CdS Photoresistor 1x 5-way Navigation switch 1x Adafruit Trinket Pro, 5V 16MHz version 4,8,or 12x AAA batteries (and associated wiring, which is done by hand). For each set of four AAA batteries, wire them in series to achieve the 6V input requirement of the Adafruit Trinket Pro! Each set of four AAA should be connected in parallel to give the Eggatron a longer lifespan. Don't go above 6V because the LEDs are powered directly from the battery (the Trinket can't supply enough current) and have a maximum voltage rating! There are channels and spaces in the 3D-printed components that allow all the power and signal wires to be routed to the center of the Eggatron where the Trinket Pro microcontroller is housed. From there, navigation, light control, and timing is controlled! Everything can be 3D-printed without the use of support material! If you use the Eggatron, your life will be eggcelent! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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