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Handuino! A DIY Handheld Arduino Remote Control!


The Handuino is a portable, handheld, Arduino-based human interface device (HID) and remote control. The purpose of the Handuino is both to expand the utility of the popular Arduino microcontroller and to create a more engaging way to interact with devices around the home, school, and laboratory (I like to use it to control robots!). Currently, the Handuino does this by fitting a 2.2-inch TFT LCD screen, XBEE radio module, joystick, four buttons, and two rotary knobs into a small, transparent, laser-cut acrylic frame. When connected to a computer via USB, the Handuino can be used in place of other peripherals. Without a computer, the Handuino can function as a stand-alone unit or use its XBEE radio to establish two-way serial communication with other radio-enabled projects or devices (such as a second Handuino). This flexibility and range of use makes the Handuino an extremely useful and fun platform! Full instructions can be found on

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