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Model of Self Driving Car.


What makes this project unique is its cost effectiveness and simplicity involved in it.And since the future of self driving car is here,it might be beneficial.


The Purpose

As we are advancing into the technology machines are getting smarter and smarter.They are reached to that point where things from doing basic laundry to works which involves complex tasks are handled by machines.This project aims to automate the driving concept,making driving more safe,more reliable and moreover the driver can simply enjoy texting/sleeping in the car while he reaches the destination thus reducing the human effort,

The Technology

Technology used to build this project involved the concepts of:- 1.)Convolutional Neural Network. 2.)Raspberry Pi 3.)Electronics stuff What makes this project unique is the car has been developed just in 30 days just by hacking some old RC car and combining it with the intelligence of Neural Network.This is just the baby steps of the car's model.Imagine if every human on the planet could build themselves a self - driving car,which i assume they can(or they can be taught how to),the world would definitely be a better place.Simplicity of this project makes it a unique one.

Additional Details

This project involves the following hardware:- 1.) Arduino 2.)RC car 3.)Raspberry Pi and Camera In this the camera takes the continuous image(25 fps) of the track and sends it to the model,which was trained earlier.The model then predicts which path to take i.e forward left,forward right,straight or to stop.This then further sends the signal to the Arduino which then ultimately calls the remote and car is taken into action.

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