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Smart Bio-metric Attendance System

MAKERS: Rakibul Islam , Shariful Islam COUNTRY: Bangladesh

Are teachers tired of taking attendance or making summery at the end of semester? Can they really prevent proxy attendance? Don't they waste their valuable time? This is the solution!

The Purpose

The project aims at saving time and tedious work of taking attendance of the students by course teacher. The device has been designed keeping all practical situations in mind. Like there can be two teachers who can use this device, the device cannot be turned off without the teacher's fingerprint and the summery is only accessible by the teachers. On board power system has solved the problem of its portability. The device can be charged up using Android cable. As fingerprint has been chosen as the means of identity, proxy attendance can be prevented.

The Technology

The Gui makes the device unique. Teachers can input the name of his/her students in an excel file. The output file is also in .xlsx format which makes it very easy to summarize the whole data of the semester. Teachers can add or delete any specific students any time. For making the device portable, we've tried to make the best use of power. So, the device goes to sleep mode, if not used for a long time. Data has been encrypted from end to end to ensure no manipulation from outside.

Additional Details

>> Virtually infinite memory to store attendance of almost 200 students >> Two teachers can use the same device >> Data can be uploaded and downloaded using easy-to-use GUI >> Portable and can be used almost 4 hours continuously when fully charged >> Low price and zero maintenance cost >> Smart and small in size >> No loss of Data >> end to end encryption ensures no outside manipulation

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